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my incriminating past

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Apr. 14th, 2007 | 07:51 pm
posted by: peeandsee in mlb_manips

solookup suggested that I should post all the manips I've already made. There's a lot of them, some of which have been forever lost in cyberspace. May they rest in peace. So, here's everything I could find via my 342987429835 PhotoBucket accounts.

Adam Kennedy at a one-man picnic and later in a girls' baton group.

Klesko/Greene, Spiezio/Beckett, Beltran/Piazza, Washburn/Lackey, Wright/Kazmir, Weaver/Tomko, Colon/Ponson/Wells, Drew/Ellis. That time Olivia and I did "If They Had Babies..."

David Wells with foggles. Pretty anti-climactic.

Lance Bass was Omar Vizquel all along. DUN DUN DUN.

This isn't a manip. It really is Armando Benitez with Cheetos. Sadly, he now wears a different uniform.

One day, I decided to make bobbleheads out of people. Look, there's Jay Witasick trying to kill Blaine Neal!

I made these Jeff DaVanon/Vin Diesel things for crashtext.

This is John Smoltz on Trevor Hoffman's insane body because I wanted iliveforthis to like Smoltz. (Being my friend is dangerous.)

Scott Munter = Herman Munster

This isn't a manip either. Not even I would've thought to put Lance Berkman in a sumo suit and afro and turn it into a card.

Remember when Alex Sanchez was on the Giants? Yeah, me neither. It was so bad that I repressed it forever within the depths of my mind. Alex who?

That was the only slash I've ever finished writing. I think Brian Giles made a naked cameo. Incriminating past, indeed.

Steve Finley with a rainbow afro.

I figure Barry Zito needed to make some kind of cameo, or else this post wouldn't feel complete. Here he is playing Yu-Gi-Oh with Rich Harden.

I made this for Olivia's 19th birthday. It's Andre Either, David Wright, Noah Lowry, and Brad Hennessey. Here's the musical version.

Adam/Rufus Wainwright.

Jeff Weaver as The King.

Chris Carpenter in his true state.

Barry Zito in China. This was from an A's commercial. Why do I have so many Zito things.

As a ballerina.

As a goldfish.

As a piece of crying sushi.

John Maine as a lobster, because lobsters come from Maine. Yeah.

I'm Eliezer Alfonzo, apparently.

David Wells is graceful.

My third most recent manip. 300 Tomkos?

There's probably a lot more I'm too lazy to find, which is scary if you think about it. And even if you don't.

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(no subject)

from: sleepall_day
date: Apr. 15th, 2007 07:16 am (UTC)

THE ULTIMATE OTP. You know what's awesome? Sometimes if I strike up conversations with random Angels fans, or people I only know as an acquaintance, we'll talk about Angels players and on the topic of Washburn and Lackey, I'll say: "They were in LO-O-O-O-O-O-O-OOOOVE," and no one, I mean NO ONE, will look at me like I'm crazy. Every person I've ever said that to has agreed with me 100%. Or said something like, "Hell, yeah" with a "Duh!" look on their face. So great.

Why do I have so many Zito things.
I dunno, but it makes me happy. hahah, the ballerina is hilarious. As is the "iSuck." You should do one of those for Tomko.

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in vita veritas

(no subject)

from: reveritas
date: Apr. 21st, 2007 07:19 pm (UTC)

ohmyGOD. why am i just discovering your tomko love. and that eliezer (notgardo) alfonzo thing? best.

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girl, i

(no subject)

from: peeandsee
date: Apr. 24th, 2007 01:35 am (UTC)

If you enjoy Brett Tomko, you are likely to enjoy trettbomko.

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