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MLB Manips

Fantasy baseball, indeed

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Hello, good sir or madam! MLB Manips is a community where you can poke fun at your favorite baseball-playing men by placing their bodies or just their heads on other pictures to conjure up some hilarity. It sounds pretty weird, but it can be quite entertaining. Here, we hope to document your creative work while opening it up to discussion with fellow 'shoppers.

1. Please keep your manips tasteful. No nudey parts, no extreme violence, and nothing that's racist/homophobic/unreasonably hateful in nature.
2. Don't flame other members of the community. That's a big thumbs down.
3. If your manip is an inside joke, provide a short explanation so that we can get it. Or, you could be all cryptic-like and leave us to guess why Kip Wells is in a bucket of fried chicken.
4. Have an extremely large picture? Be a pal and put it behind a cut.

+ MLB.com Player Pages
+ The standard Google Image Search
+ Yahoo! Image Search
+ Yahoo! Sports MLB Gallery
+ CBS Sportsline MLB Gallery
+ Your friendly local newspaper's site

+ Any program like Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, etc. You could even use MS Paint if that strikes your fancy.
+ You could also manipulate by hand, take a picture or scan it, and then post it to the community. Be creative!

+ sleepall_day for inspiring me to create this community with her Barry Zito as an Angel manip.
+ Brett Tomko for being Brett Tomko.